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Rep Paul Ryan will hurt Medicare

Normally I try to leave politics out of my blog but after US Representative Paul Ryan's speech last week I feel compelled to write my thoughts on his future plans for  Medicare and Medicaid.   His speech last week was full of lies that can be proven but I will leave most of that to true political writers. I will link what he calls the "Ryan Plan" at the end of my post.   I never really pick sides in elections.  I don't consider myself a Republican nor a Democrat.  I am an independent.  My votes in elections in the past have always centered around who I think can protect social programs, Medicare and mental health care.  Those candidates are normally democrats but I always listen to the other side as well.   The Republicans notoriously have their interest into big business, tax cuts for the rich, and they want to get rid of as many social programs as possible to throw more money into defense spending.   I'm trying to keep my blog about mental illness and especially my experience of bipolar disorder.  But I feel people like Mr. Paul Ryan are very dangerous to social programs that help people living with mental illness and hopefully people are checking his facts right now to see how much he is lying about what he really intends to do for Medicare in the future.  Last week he told us he would be there to protect Medicare when really he just wants to destroy it.  I hope everyone that heard his speech will do some research and look into what he really stands for.  He keeps talking about the very poor but he seems to want to hurt them more than help them.   They do not stand up for  social programs or people that are in desperate need of mental health care. They feel that they are hand outs and that makes me very sad that they want to destroy them.

My parents always taught me to thank God for my blessings and to give back to others hurting in my community.  I have always done that as much as possible until I had to apply for benefits.  It was never something I wanted to have to do.  I was thankful there was a safety net to catch me.  It seemed only a week ago at the RNC last week that they keep referring to the programs and the benefits I receive as "entitlements"  I know America stands for free speech and he can believe and do whatever he wants.  However I don't appreciate him standing out there and telling a bunch lies and says he will protect  Medicare.  If he wants to cut Medicare and make it about a voucher program in the future then he should be honest about it and tell us that is what he intends to do.  My only goal here is that I want people to be informed.  I will never tell you who to vote for in this election and I just want you to make sure you know who you are voting for and what their plans are for our country.  Mental health awareness of mental health programs is so important in this country and I find it harsh that no one wants to address these issues.  I am still confused as to why they cover less mental health benefits but that is another fight and article.   I'm not saying either party has it right but the Republicans right now really scare me on the way they think about people in my situation.  I was born with bipolar disorder and despite that I went to college and I did work as long as I could to contribute to my country.   I'm not a lazy person and a person that would love to go back to work, but unfortunately I have an illness that normally won't let me keep a job for longer than nine months to a year because of break downs and employers just can't accept that so I had to rely on disability benefits.  I would gladly go back to work but in this tough economy I am sure an employer could find a worker that would be more stable.  I was always a very hard worker and always did very well but the stress would throw my condition out of whack.  I even tried to get many many part time jobs but they all told me I was over qualified and would not hire me. 

It find it ironic that a man that lost his father at age 16 and received Social Security benefits during that tough time now wants to change Medicare and Social Security as we know it.  I believe Mr. Ryan should of received those benefits because I believe that's what our country is all about.   Reaching out and helping others in great need when things are tough    I find it hurtful that a man that received benefits from government from social security is now trying to take that from us and shut the door behind him.  I guess he received his benefits so too bad for the rest of us.  I never intended for my life to be like this and to be on Social Security disability benefits.   I studied hard,  I went to college and I worked for many years and I've paid into the system.  I've always been the type of person that donated to charities and help people in my community so I do not understand this type of logic as a Christian.  I wish I never had to receive social security benefits because I would love to work.  However, I am very thankful for my social security benefits that helped me and my husband get through the tough times and medicare helped me with my health care.   My husband was let go from his company during the Bush Administration because of financial cuts and it was a long hard two years but with the help of my benefits, his unemployment benefits that President Obama did extend and extra money from my parents we made it through and are now saving money and giving back to our community and economy.    My husband finally found a great job and is happily employed.  Mr. Ryan was given an  opportunity to help him in a rough time and now he wants to shut it down for everyone else. I normally take what politicians say with a grain of salt because they don't always tell the truth but Mr. Ryan blatantly lied to America.  He is saying he is going to protect Medicare and social programs and help the poor when in fact his plan does everything to destroy the help so many in our country need.  He has changes for Medicaid as well.   Mental health care has always been a tough fight but as of right now people can get insurance they need to get their treatments.  Mr Ryan plans to change that if he is elected.

My Mom and Dad were hard working Americans all their life.  My father is even a Vietnam Veteran. He served his country and now there are people that want to deny him and my mom benefits because they call these "enttilements'.  My parents are not entitled one bit.  They worked hard, paid into the system and helped their country.  They are receiving benefits they earned.  My Mom and Dad give back to their community so taking benefits from seniors and the disabled is just plain wrong.  My Mom and Dad raised me to strive to be anyone I wanted to be  and do anything I wanted for a career.   Their biggest dream was to send both of their kids to College and give them the best opportunities.  My brother and I both have degrees and I am thankful I had such wonderful parents to support me all of these years.   I know the system needs some revisions but voucher plans are not the way to fix it.  I know I have a vested interest in this but I am not concerned with my welfare as much as others because I have always had extra help.  I am speaking up for those people that do not have health care for their mental illness.  There are so many people out there that think these people do not deserve help but I have spent the past year talking to so many that live with a mental illness.  I cannot tell you how many stories I have heard where people lose their jobs because of the mental illness, lose their health care and then become homeless without health care on their on with no hope.  As many know very few people stick around when you have a mental illness so some do not have help at all from family or friends.  Thankfully the new health care reform has provided these people with the care they need and it should not be a privilege but a right in this country.  You should never have to go without medical treatment because you cannot afford it and you should never go bankrupt to save your life or someone in your family's life.  There are no easy solutions to these problems but I do know that President Obama's programs helped my family when we needed it and I do not believe Mr Ryan or Gov. Romney will help us and will probably make things worse.  Mr Romney cannot decide what he really believes in or where he stands.  His views change when the wind blows.  Mr Ryan's plan is a very radical plan that will hurt those that need it the most.   You can read about the plan at  So my question is to anyone out there that have loved ones that will be effected by these changes to read more, look at other few points and decide which plan is better for you and the mental health community.  I hope everyone votes and speaks up for our community no matter which party you stand with.  My only goal is to try to inform from the best of my knowledge and help those that might not have a voice right now.   If you need to find out where to register to vote you can go to  I do not agree with all of President Obama's  views and stances but I feel he cares about my community and those that need help with mental health care.   He recently approved more mental health care benefits for those brave soldiers returning from war and that is the least we can do.  They have fought for our country and our freedoms and it is the least we can do to help them in any way we can.  So thank you President Obama for making sure they will receive the extra benefits they need at this tough time.  So my vote for the 2012 Presidential election is clear now after looking over so much data and I hope I have helped you at least be a little more informed or at least want to find out the information for yourself.

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